Grandmaster M. Brown - 9th Dan

Career Highlights

9th Dan - Taekwondo
Founder - NTFA

GM Brown started jujitsu lessons in 1967 at the age of 15. That began a relationship with the martial arts that has continued for over five decades and touched the lives of hundreds of people. In addition to jujitsu training, he also studied judo in 1969.

In July of 1971, GM Brown enlisted in the United States Air Force and studied Moo Duk Kwan, a Korean martial art. During the next few years he also received training in Kenpo Karate and other arts while stationed in South East Asia. Even in those early days in the military, GM Brown was beginning to get a reputation as a fearsome fighter. Students who trained with him were amazed at his ability to perform some of the most difficult aerial techniques.

Returning to the United States after a tour in South East Asia, GM Brown began his commitment to the Chang Hon version of Taekwondo developed by General Choi Hong Hi.

When GM Brown began his formal training in Taekwondo with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), founded by Grandmaster H. U. Lee, he brought with him a wide variety of martial skills, which he had developed from previous years of training. As he continued to progress as a martial artist and instructor, GM Brown quickly established himself as a martial arts community leader in the Southern United States. In 1983, GM Brown won the middleweight title in the largest martial arts tournament ever held in Las Vegas at the time, and was also honored with the ATA's "Instructor of The Year" award. Later that year, GM Brown and his instructors, which consisted of thirteen schools and clubs, left the ATA and helped form the United States Taekwondo Federation (USTF), where GM Brown accepted the position of Vice President. On January 6, 1987, GM Brown founded the National Taekwondo Federation of America (NTFA) and appointed Mr. Michael Bland to the position of Vice President. Since its conception, the NTFA has grown into dozens of schools globally, and thousands of students have received rank certification through the NTFA.

Ranking Structure

1967 to 1973--Studied Jujitsu, Judo, Moo Duk Kwon, and Kenpo
1976--Obtained First Degree Black Belt
1978--Obtained Second Degree Black Belt
1980--Obtained Third Degree Black Belt
1984--Obtained Fourth Degree Black Belt
1988--Obtained Fifth Degree Black Belt
1994--Obtained Sixth Degree Black Belt
1997--Certified as High Impact Weapons Instructor
1997--Certified as a Weaponless Defense Instructor (Defensive Tactics)
1999--Obtained Seventh Degree Black Belt
2004--Obtained Eighth Degree Black Belt
2012--Obtained Ninth Degree Black Belt


* Conducted seminars for state employees, including various police agencies and women's self defense groups.
* Served as a Youth Drug Counselor for the United States Air Force.
* Participated in many fund-raising events such as MDA, American Cancer Society, and the United Way.
* Served as a Police Dept. Lieutenant along with being a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.
* Trained many physically handicapped students, one was on nationally televised talk shows (Mickey Hays).
* Served as a Private Investigator.
* Offered private martial arts training for members of Dallas Cowboys Football Team.


* Zero Tolerance Team Member for Zebra Security V.P.S. (California)
* Selected to go to the White House for presentations and civil rights issues during the Reagan administration.
* President and Founder of Martial Arts to Aid the Disabled and Elderly (MADE).
* Founder of the National Taekwondo Federation of America, Inc., (NTFA).
* Starred in the Martial Arts movie "Iron Thunder".
* Established dozens of Martial Arts Studios in the United States including Hawaii.
* Established Martial Arts Studios in Germany and in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm and Desert Fox.

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